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Product Information: This smooth liquid lipstick darkens the lips to accentuate the details of the face. The rich, deep red color creates a balance that is neither too intense nor too understated. A pair of XOXO lips is one you won't soon forget.

Ingredients: Liquid formula and lip matte case.

How to apply: Drag the roughened and matte tip of the applicator over the lips, tracing the lip line from bottom to top and then spreading it in the middle. Wait a few seconds for the matte color to harden and enjoy your drink without stains and full of confidence.

The X-Factor: The formula of this Liquid Lip Matte range guarantees a moisturizing and dewy finish that allows you to enjoy your time with the product.

The color itself has a rich intensity, as is typical of the color red, that is inviting and friendly, but not too intimidating. Perfect for a night out in the crowd.

Dimensions 122x20mm
Weight 7g


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