About Us

Sellma Kasumoviq is a world-renowned makeup master, entrepreneur, international makeup educator and in-house Master Makeup Artist at two professional academies.

In 2015, SELLMA decided to use her experience in the beauty field and created her own brand - SELLMA Brand . After working closely with a selected manufacturer and doing a lot of research, development and testing, she launched her first SELLMA Lip Matte line in September 2016, which proved to be an instant success. Since then, she has continuously added new products to her brand, such as Lip Matte in different shades, Lip Shines, Eyelashes, Mascaras, Brow Pencils and Highlighters.

After working in the makeup field for so many years, Sellma decided it was time to bring something new to the table. Sellma products were launched in 2016 by makeup master Sellma Kasumoviq.

The first launch was four lip mattes (Latte, Blush, Xoxo, Kiss) which sold out immediately and that was the beginning of the Sellma range which now consists of over fifty products.

"When I started this journey, I just wanted to have my own products in my makeup studio. I had no intention of selling them commercially, but wanted to use products that were exactly what I wanted. Over time, the customers who came for makeup liked the products and insisted that we sell them to them. From this demand , SELLMA products were born, and since then our primary goal has been to provide high quality and affordable products to makeup lovers in our region. I never thought this would become a worldwide thing," says Sellma.

Since then, the product range has expanded from lip mattes to lip glosses, lipsticks, eyelashes, mascara and highlighters and continues to expand to offer a complete range of facial makeup.

The products are shipped worldwide and are available in more than 25 selected stores in the Balkans.

Sellma products are made for everyone - for people who love makeup and creativity, and for people who inspire and are inspired.
Stay tuned for new products you will simply love!