Maple Lip Pencil

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Maple is a high quality wooden lipstick used to define or redefine your natural lip line. Wood makes it easier to have a well-tipped lipstick. It helps your favorite SELLMA lip matte or lip shine to glide smoothly over the lips, prolongs lip color and makes your lips appear fuller.


For fuller, bigger lips:

  1. Start with the lower lip and follow the natural lip line from side to side.
  2. Continue with the upper lip, carefully following your Cupid's bow.
  3. Blend the contours lightly with lipstick to make the line look natural.
  4. Fill in with SELLMA Lipmatte Latte or Peach, Apricot Lipshine from the center to the corners to blend the two together.

Prolong lip color:

  1. Contour your lips with Maple Lip Pencil.
  2. Fill in the color from the lip line towards the center.
  3. Using it as a base will maximize the stay-put stay of your lip mattes/lip shines.
  4. * Maple combines best with Peach, Apricot Lip Shine.


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