Apricot–Liquid Lip Shine

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Apricot Lip Shine was inspired by the ancient Persians who called the apricot the "seed of the sun". And that's exactly what we wanted to incorporate into the feeling of the lip gloss. When you apply Apricot Lip Shine, you will feel your lips have a sunny glow and you will have all the summer feelings you need to enjoy your days. It moisturizes the lips, is ultra-pigmented and long-lasting, and you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite Sellma Lip Matte, such as "Candy".


On clear lips, color in the desired shape with the Sellma Lip Pencil "Maple" or "Cinnamon" and then apply "Apricot". And if you want something a little more glamour, combine it with lip mattes like "Latte", "Xoxo" and "Candy".


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