Blush Mini Lip Matte

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Blush was inspired by rouge and the natural blushing of humans. When applied to the cheeks, blush restores life, health and color to the face.

The purpose of Blush Lip Matte is similar: to make the sunny days special and to combat the dull days with color. It applies to the lips with full coverage, dries matte and feels light and cashmere-like. Very buildable and adaptable, the less product you apply, the more natural the finish.

Use alone or with your other Sellma lip mattes and glosses when you want to create an ombre lip effect or brighten up darker colors.


On clear lips, trace the desired shape with a light brown lipstick and apply blush. Add Ultra Shine Lip Shines like Biscuit, Honey, Caramel, Queen or Mars for a glossy, shiny lip that lasts twice as long as if you just apply the gloss.

It dries matte and lasts for hours while eliminating dry lips and leaving a comfortable, silky, hydrated feeling achieved through natural extracts that provide all-day comfort.


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