Flirt – Liquid Lip Matte

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The meaning of this color is very deep and powerful, which is why we wanted to transform it into a powerful lip matte. It is a color that helps create harmony and balance in every aspect of life. As a combination of red and violet, the color magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, tamed by the introspection and calm energy of violet.

It applies all over the lips and dries matte, with a cashmere-like and lightweight feel. Very buildable and adaptable, the less product you apply, the more natural the finish.

Use it alone or with your other Sellma lip mattes and lip shines.


On clear lips, trace the desired shape with a dark purple lipstick and apply Flirt. Add Ultra Shine Lip Shines like Biscuit, Jam, Merlot and you'll get a glossy, shiny lip that lasts twice as long as if you applied the gloss alone. It's smudge-proof, dries matte and lasts for hours while eliminating dry lips and leaving a comfortable, silky, hydrated feel, derived from natural extracts for all-day comfort.


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